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I am still alive. Read on to catch up!

[Thursday, Jul. 28, 2011] - Hi, there. Long time no see, huh?

To everyone who is still around, thanks! I'm doing fine, although pretty busy nowadays. But, I gotta say, I might not update this place much anymore. I've set up a new journal over at DreamWidth, because it's easier to keep things updated there.

So, what's of my life lately? I keep going to the university, now as a Computer Science major. I keep doing a lot of Web development and design, but my own personal projects have halted for the most... I'm doing freelance work, and I got a part-time job at a small, local Web design business, as well. That's enough to keep me busy, so, for now, neither DreamtWorlds, nor my Web Comic Directory, nor any of my other projects, be them for Web or for game development, or writing, are currently ongoing. I've been in a sort of hiatus, only with enough time to post blog/journal entries every now and then, and to spend some time reading books and manga, and watching korean dramas. I can surely distribute my time better, though. Maybe then, I will have more time for my personal projects.

So, what's going to be of this diary here? I am not sure. I will probably post every now and then, with writings and ramblings and what not, but if you really wish to follow me, please check out my blog at arwym.com, my DreamWidth journal (link is above, in the first paragraph), my Twitter stream, and so on. I am sorry. I hope we can continue to stay in touch, anyway.

Honestly, I am still hoping that DiaryLand will get a little more up to date sometime, with more features. If at least there was a way to crosspost entries, that'd be great. Something like posting entries via e-mail would be enough for me; then I would set-up a WordPress plug-in or script for it, and whenever there was something new at my blog, it would be added here as well. However, that feature would probably be for Gold members only, and to be honest, I wouldn't pay for Gold here, when I have the same features for free elsewhere. I really believe that DiaryLand needs to catch up to modern times. It feels very 90ish. I still like it here, though...


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