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Still alive...

[Tuesday, Apr. 21, 2015] - Surprisingly, this diary is still up. I am still up.

I was very happy when I found DiaryLand again. I was eager to go and read all those diaries I used to follow, catch up with so many amazing people.

But, it seems that most of them are now gone, too. And I have no idea where. I have lost contact. :(

Either way... I'll try catching up with those of you who are still around. I am still using DreamWidth, by the way, if you want to follow me there. It's a great place.

I wish I had time to write in all these different places... But I barely spend time over at DW, so yeah.

On a final note: reading my own entries has been quite insightful. Looking back, and thinking that so much has changed... You know what surprised me the most? I was a much better writer 4 years ago.

See you around, guys.

P.S: Please, if you get the chance, catch up with me. There are many places where you can find me, like http://arwym.rebelmouse.com, http://arwym.tumblr.com, http://arwym.com, and so on.


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